Chiefy is Back

What’s the word?
I haven’t posted to a weblog in a while. Looking back, I guess it has been two or three years. Wow, time flies! I feel it is time to get back into it. Past time. So here it is, according to Chiefy: opinions on politics, what we should do about the environment, how to live a more spiritual life, and why the heck people can’t just get along.
You may ask, “Why should I pay any attention to you? You’re not an expert, rich, or powerful.”
Rich and powerful I am not, I’ll give you that. If that is what you crave, look elsewhere.
It is true that I am not an expert on most of the things I like to talk about, although I do have a great deal of valuable experience. Nonetheless, here is why you may want to read what I post: I am intelligent and thoughtful. I research the facts before I post my opinions. And if you comment, I will reply with respect for who you are and what you believe. You have my word on that.

8 thoughts on “Chiefy is Back

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  1. I’m with you brother (and not just because you are my brother.) You make a lot of good points, and I do learn some new things, and sometimes I will just go, hmmmmm.

  2. I don’t trust “experts” anymore. Knowledge is more than the sum of its parts, etc.

    1. I am with you, Lou, in that we ought not blindly trust an opinion simply because it from an “expert.” Since we have the internet, it is easier to find all kinds of facts and opinions, and also easier to research the back story to determine how valid those things may be. I don’t trust so-called experts because they have a lot of followers, but I do have more confidence in what they say if it is well put-together and backed up by reliable sources. In other words, use your head, as I am sure you do. I will post more on this topic later.

  3. Give a person a subject, some can go for a few mintues, some may last an hour. Some may go on for a couple hours and not require a subject. Tricky part is staying interesting. And what’s the point of trusting ‘exerts” if we have two “experts” disagreeing with each other on the same subject? Blog away.

    1. Experts don’t know everything, of course. They may disagree, and even learn from each other, if they have enough humility. Now, I could go on for hours on some subjects. Whether it is interesting, I will let my readers decide.

  4. Gah, I meant to type in experts, not exerts… and by the way, that picture above, was it taken somewhere in Latin America?

      1. I actually spent some time with this picture… the delivery van is common in Europe but the license plates were not European-sized so it had to be Latin America. Mexico does not use these vans so I figured further south… thanks! 🙂

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