Watching the Show

Good showing for Santorum last night. On Sunday, Gingrich said Romney is the weakest front-runner since Leonard Wood. Everybody gets that reference, right? He had a point, though.

What a mess the Republican Party is in! Gingrich clearly doesn’t have a chance, but his billionaire backer prefers Romney to Santorum, so he will likely continue to fund Gingrich as a spoiler. Romney is a moderate, if not a liberal by today’s standards, but he is trying to pass himself off as the most conservative of the pack. Really?

If Romney could admit to being moderate, he would stand the best chance in the general election, but can he make that kind of u-turn after the primaries? Or will the Convention follow the pattern of cozying up to the tea party, and choose a hard-core conservative? If Gingrich listens to the reasonable voices in the Party and bows out, Santorum could stand a chance. But when has Gingrich been concerned about pleasing the Party?

I’m not making any predictions for the Republicans. Not this year. I’m just sitting back with my popcorn, watching the show. I’ve always been a fan of slapstick.


3 thoughts on “Watching the Show

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  1. Im about as far away as one can possibly be and I am even hanging out for my daily fix of the slapstick humour show that is the US Republican Presidential Race. Just sorry it all has to come to an end….

    OH! Great thought….Santorum actually becomes President!

    Not so good for you guys but it means I get four more season of the crazy show…Heck, he will probably spread the fun world wide!

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