The Fundamentals

Just a short note after that long conversation with an anti-gay Christian fundamentalist:

I try to follow the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. I am in no way a fundamentalist. In fact, I would say that I reject all the important principles of fundamental Christian doctrine—I do not believe that the Bible is inerrant, and I will not accept the virgin birth of Jesus, that he rose from the dead, or any other miracles, until they can be verified scientifically. I believe that Jesus was crucified to sacrifice himself as an example for us, not as a magical act of atonement that made us ritually clean before God.

This makes me a Christian in the broadest sense, in a way that will likely not be accepted as genuine by many Christians. It also leaves me open to explore and accept teachings from other religious traditions that I find compatible with my worldview.

I love the kind of debate that contains the promise of communicating new ideas or novel ways of looking at reality. I don’t care for fruitless debate with individuals who refuse to entertain the possibility that they could be mistaken in some way, and are only trying to correct me. As an example, if the inerrancy of the Bible is an article of faith for you, and your position on that will never change, then that is not a legitimate item for debate here.

I am not a “true believer”—I am willing to change my beliefs when the evidence warrants change. I welcome conversation with those who agree with me and those who disagree, and I will discuss any personal faith issue or belief system you wish. I don’t take offense easily. If all your beliefs are immutable, or if you can’t take reasonable criticism, you might not be comfortable posting here.


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