Laugh Deeply

This was posted on a Facebook page:

Smile like you’ve never cried,
fight like you’ve never lost,
love like you’ve never been hurt,
and live like you’ll die tomorrow.

Not bad, I said to myself. (Although I wasn’t really listening.)
I told myself that there is something missing, and
I know what it is—the hard things that life has thrown against me.
I smile with a genuineness now that I didn’t have early in my life.
I fight more effectively now, I love more boldly, I live… I live better.
So I came up with this:

Those who have cried bitterly can laugh deeply.
Those who have known loss can fight fiercely.
Those who have been hurt can love compassionately.
Those who have faced down death can live fully.

I have known death. I know (as well as a living being can)
what death is, so I know the value of my life and
that of my loved ones. I know that death can come
at any time, so I know the value of time. Experience is
a hard teacher. I have learned from mine
how to appreciate the life I have.
I live.
Go thou and do likewise.


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