A Small Disaster

I am feeling blue, because the website crashed. All the updates of the last five months have disappeared. It is relatively small problem for me, but I feel the need to apologize to those who have commented on my recent posts. I will try to restore the posts, but I don’t think I can recover those comments. It is my fault that the backup was so old. I’m sorry.

I am taking steps to avoid a recurrence of this troublesome issue. In a few days, the whole site will be transferred to a new, more reliable hosting company. The next post you see here will be on the new server. When life gives you lemons, you can squeeze them over some nice broiled fish with a little garlic salt and some butter; you’ve got yourself a great meal.

* * * Update: 2013/12/28 * * *

I am relieved to say that I have found the missing comments from my readers. With a little work we should be back to normal functioning (or what passes for normal here) very soon. I’m happier when things don’t go missing, but it’s also good to find what was lost. There will be much rejoicing!

 Title image credit: photoinpixel.

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