A Word to the Wise

In these pages, I offer my opinions and the occasional bit of wisdom I have acquired in my struggles. Sometimes I offer advice, particularly in responding to comments. What I say is never intended to be understood as psychological or spiritual counseling, much less therapy. I may make recommendations for your consideration. If I say something that helps you understand our world better, great! Whether you believe me to be wise or not is rather beside the point; even a fool may say something profound, once in a while.

It may seem, at times, that I am ridiculing religion. That is not my intent. There are already enough sources for that kind of criticism, sites that ridicule religion more richly than I could. That being said, I often do find it necessary to talk about issues that involve religious belief. And, since it is difficult to say anything about religion without someone being offended, people will get offended.

Yet it is necessary that I talk about it, because religious faith—believing in things without evidence—is a vice that is at the root of many other problems in our society. It pits faith communities against rational science, medicine, education, politics, and international diplomacy.

So this is the basis of my writing, to be provocative more than polite, to discuss taboo topics, to ask embarrassing questions and look for answers. That’s how we learn as individuals, and how we make progress as a society.

wise advice for a suicide note
Cyanide and Happiness

I’m not a genius, but I am always ready to learn. You are welcome to join me in my continuing quest for enlightenment. Browse, comment if you like. Dismantle my arguments ruthlessly if you feel the need. Show me how wise you are.

Title image credit: Pep Bonet.

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