Meta Writing

Meta writing is writing about writing, so this sentence is meta meta writing. The rest of this article will not be writing about writing about writing, just writing about writing. If your brain doesn’t hurt, you may continue reading.

They say that if you can do anything other than write, then don’t write; to be a writer you must be compelled, you must have no choice but to express the ideas that well up in you like a fountain.

That has been said of other professions as well. It may be a useful way of looking at life, perhaps, or it may simply be discouraging. For me, there is no one thing that I feel I absolutely must do at this point in my life. I have on occasion been compelled to address some social ill or somebody’s personal problem, but I haven’t been obsessed by any one cause through my whole life. I do what I need to do to survive, and I try to live well.

That being said, I love writing. I love communicating. I believe that if I were held prisoner in solitary confinement, I would tough it out. I wouldn’t enjoy it much, but I don’t think I would go crazy. In other words, I can survive without writing, and even without having anyone to talk to. I just wouldn’t choose that kind of existence.

So, since I have other options, should I write? Should I be trying to make a profession of it? I think I should; anyway, I choose to. It isn’t easy for me. Words don’t usually flow from me like water. Sometimes I have to search for a concept in my memory files like a lonely librarian tracking down a misplaced book. I make a lot of mistakes. I spend most of my time editing and rewriting my work, and I still don’t catch every typo, or every unclear expression.

It isn’t easy for me. It’s hard work, but I love it. I take joy in sculpting a jumble of incoherent concepts into an understandable narrative. I like to think of myself as a writer. I take pride in my work. So you can expect me to continue to place my thoughts on display here. That’s not a promise; it’s more of a prediction. You can check in here from time to time, to see what I am up to. I’d like that.

I can promise one thing: I will get my book published, one way or another, sometime before I am too old to read the reviews. When I do, I will provide the relevant information on it here.

Title image credit: Pages to Type Before I Sleep.

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