Marriage Equality at Last

Just a note to express how happy I am that the Supreme Court (in a five-four decision) made the right choice. Anyone of legal age will be able to marry who they choose, regardless of gender, in all fifty states. The reasons same-sex marriage is opposed are religious in nature, so should not be a consideration for a secular state like the US.

I have to add a link to a statement from one of my favorite animals, the Atheist Pig. He says it so well:

Click image to expand!

I am so glad to see Winston back, offering his snarky comments on religion and other superstitions, and in this case, supporting marriage equality. Go, Pig!

Marriage Equality is So Gay

Now that those of like gender can legally marry, can we acknowledge that the word “gay” has pretty much lost its negative connotations? When someone says something is “so gay,” I assume it’s a complement, as in, “Wow, that outfit is so gay! Where did you get it?” It’s time we started using that word correctly again. It used to mean festive. Now, to me, it also means well dressed, creative, or amiable.

To those who are confused by that, who think that “gay” is bad and so is marriage equality, I have to echo the pig. You all sound like losers. Give up your hatred and come join the party! We forgive you.

Title image credit: College Times.

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