Organized Insanity

Religion can be a comfort in times of stress and times of loss. It can encourage believers to work together and accomplish good things. Religion has its benefits, but it is often ridiculous and harmful.

Man Lynched For Cow
Mohammad Akhlaq


Mohammad Akhlaq was killed because of rumors that he was consuming beef. For Pete’s sake, people, get a life!

Cows are not sacred. They are domesticated animals, the result of thousands of years of selective breeding.


There is no such thing as a true prophet of God.

There is nothing evil about eating pork in moderation. Pigs are not “unclean,” they just like mud. Mud can be washed off.

Circumcision, male or female, is at best unnecessary and at worst dangerous and disfiguring.

Killing animals and burning them to please your god is just wrong.

Pretending that bread turns into the flesh of a man (or God-man) and then eating it is not a venerable tradition. Even symbolic cannibalism is disgusting.

Fetuses are not babies; they aren’t even conscious. If you want to go by the Bible, it says that personhood begins with the first breath.

If there is a god, it doesn’t perform for you. Stop asking it to do magic tricks! If you want something done for you, do it.

If you want to belong to a religion, by all means, do so. You may perform any meaningless rituals you like, but you still have to abide by societal norms and legalities. Religious membership doesn’t give you a pass from common decency.

Look, I’m not against religion. I am simply against organized insanity.

Title image credit: Scuba Mami,

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