Immeasurable Heaven

I don’t normally comment on anything written by young Earth creationists. I have learned from experience that there is no arguing with them; their position is rock solid and will not be moved. It has to be so, because their arguments are so weak that if they actually considered alternatives they would be easily swayed. Any attempt at dialogue becomes a matter of each side repeating their standard responses.

Nonetheless, a short article I ran across at the Institute for Creation Research, “The Universe Has a Center,” is so stunningly wrong that I just couldn’t resist mentioning it. The article states that it is “obvious” that we are near the center of the universe, since space and galaxies look the same in all directions. That is just as wrong as saying the Sun must revolve around the Earth since the Sun obviously rises in the east and moves across the sky. Exploratorium has a nice interactive diagram illustrating why the observable universe looks the way it does.

Or think of it this way: suppose you live alone on an island, and you notice the waves always seem to come toward the shore. You walk all the way around the island and the waves always come in almost parallel to the shore. You might conclude that you must be in the center of the ocean. You think that if you were closer to one side, the waves would be more directional. You would be drawing a poor conclusion, based on not understanding the principle of refraction.

At the Center, or in an Immeasurable Heaven?

Now, to be fair, the ICR doesn’t exactly say the Earth is the center on the universe. That would make them geocentrists, and apparently that is a bit too far even for them. What they say is, “Our solar system appears to be near the center of the universe.” Not at the center, because then the universe would have to move to keep the solar system at the center as it revolves about the Milky Way. Unfortunately for their position, we know there is a difficulty with our galaxy being the center of the universe, since the Milky Way apparently moves in orbit with the other members of our Local Group.

But wait, the ICR position gets even more ridiculous. We now know that the Local Group of galaxies, and the immense Virgo Supercluster of which it is a part, are at the “headwaters” of a greater system of galaxies, Laniakea. We are being drawn downstream, as it were, toward The Great Attractor, some 220 million light-years away. It seems that the center of the universe keeps getting farther away from Earth with each scientific discovery.

laniakea galaxy cluster, immeasurable heaven

See, this is why I decided to take on the ICR. I can’t pass up an opportunity to contemplate the vastness of our wonderful universe. The young-earthers miss so much of the majesty and glory of our world by viewing through the caricature of divine creation.

Title image credit: Wikimedia.

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