Trump is Not a Flawed Candidate

Contrary to what you may have heard, Donald Trump is not a flawed candidate for president of the United States of America. All the others who are or have been in the race are flawed candidates, to one degree or another, but Trump is not. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying he’s a good candidate. He is the worst possible. He is perfect in his terribleness. It is hard to imagine a potential president more completely incompetent or more wrong-headed in his vision.

I used to give Mr. Trump the benefit of the doubt, in that I thought that he might not actually be as bigoted, xenophobic, and misogyny as he portrayed himself. Maybe that was merely a cynical act to pander to the “deplorables.” However, as I have become aware of more of his history, I am convinced that his unsavory qualities are not merely window dressing, but part of the essential Trump. He really does seem to hate anyone who is not like himself.

Remember Where You Are From:

Pussy Riot, not a flawed candidate
Don’t grab the pussy!

I will not bore you by rehearsing the long list of examples of Trump’s misanthropy. The media already have that covered, ad nauseam. This is only the second time I have mentioned his name in this blog, and it would please me to not need a third. I truly hope that our voting population is, on the whole, able to rise above our fear and distrust of those who don’t look like ourselves.

We don’t need to separate ourselves from the rest of the world with a grand wall, debilitating tariffs, and massive military actions. We would be better advised to continue to grow in understanding our place in the world; not as the masters of civilization, but as partners with all those willing to recognize our mutual humanity.

We have a chance now to choose. We have a flawed candidate, a human one: Hillary Clinton, who will serve us with competence and perhaps greatness. At least we know that she has the experience and intelligence necessary for the job, and I am convinced that she will put great effort into it. On the other hand, we have a man who is not flawed, one who is a perfect fit for our least human impulses. There are some who will vote for him because they identify with his bigotry. There are those who will vote for him because they are convinced by his fear-mongering, more afraid of terrorists and criminals than the real dangers around us. And I suppose there are some who will simply never vote for a woman.

The rest of us, those who are not paralyzed by fear and hatred, will vote for the better choice. We have a chance to keep moving forward. Progress is never a smooth and easy journey. We always seem to take at least two steps back for every three steps forward, like a drunk walking home. Don’t worry. Don’t believe the lies. We can do it.

Title image credit: ACLU.


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