New Religion for an Old Earth

As I indicated in my previous post, we are badly in need of a new religion. Religion is not inherently bad, yet the fact that any of them promote guilt and fear, work to limit medical advances, oppress women, or abuse children should offend us. We cannot tolerate such aggregate antisocial behavior, but doing good work to limit their evil is itself seen as intolerant.

So, the time for mere talk is past, and I have launched a new site to develop and implement that concept. My first post there, Finity, begins to address the problem of our limitations, the apparent truth that we are not eternal, spiritual beings.

I hope that we can deal with these important issues seriously, yet with perspective and humor. I tend to be critical of religions, because they must be criticized when they encourage bad behavior. It may be, however, that we need religion of some sort, for our socio-psychological well-being. Let us gather, then, at least virtually on these pages, and see what we may accomplish in the real world.

We can combat blind faith, bigotry and oppression. We can work to eliminate the hateful and destructive in us. We can be creative, courageous, and compassionate.

Take a look at the new site, Living Faith-Free, and let me know your thoughts on it. Also check out our Patreon site, an awesome way to show your support.

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