How do you Solve a Problem Like the President?

At least France did not repeat the mistake of the United States. The winner of their presidential election is Emmanuel Macron, a young centrist who seems reasonable, in stark contrast to his opponent, Marine Le Pen. Macron will likely have to pull together a coalition from the other parties in order to govern effectively, according to the BBC. Good luck to him.

The US did not fair as well. We are stuck with a buffoon and a crook for president, Unfortunately, he is not the only criminal in office. It actually seems that criminals are in the majority in Congress and the Executive branch. Only the Judiciary is relatively clean, and it is under attack.

And I’m not just talking about Republicans/conservatives. Ask yourself, how many Representatives do you think would turn down a “donation” from someone who clearly wants a political favor in return? How many Congress members vote consistently for Big Oil’s agenda, in spite of the fact that alternative energy is clearly becoming cheaper with far less damage to the environment? Are their votes totally independent from those oil company donations?

Before you get too indignant, remember that we voted these criminals in. I know, we were hoodwinked, at least in the presidential race. Probably so, but that doesn’t let us off the hook. We need to wise up, and quickly. Don’t claim to be better than those who voted poorly, unless you have never been fooled. We all make mistakes, but right now we need more humanity in politics. We need to vote in people who know compassion, who understand that their bad choices cause real pain. If we don’t, we will be stuck with health care that works for the wealthy, a worsening climate causing food shortages, and an infrastructure sacrificed to maintaining a bloated military.

Title image credit: Gecko&Fly.

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