More Rearrangement

This is just a note to let my readers know what is going on. As I continue to reorganize the Café, I am moving anything related to religion, mythology and the like to Living Faith-Free with its associated exploration of what it means to live without faith. You can now find the Spacetime, Mother Earth, and Sentient Life pages there, under the new page Mythology and the Cosmos. Much of the content there still relates to the environment, because, after all, mine is a naturalistic religion; religious, but not spiritual.

The content here at Chiefy’s Word and Café Nexo will focus more than before on secular issues: science, politics, and human rights. There will be crossover, of course, as long as faith-based religions insist on interfering in those areas. Whichever site you prefer, feel free to share your opinions, criticisms, or questions.

Title image credit: James Webb Space Telescope, NASA.

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