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Chiefy is the owner and head bartender here at Cafe Nexo, a virtual gathering place. Feel free to visit, no charge. We serve food for the mind, and a little something to slack your thirst for freedom, justice, and peace. You are welcome here if you are comfortable with the principles of rational inquiry, critical thinking, and common decency.


Yeah, but if I'm considerate toward one person about one thing, what's next? Being nice to other people about other things? Where does it end?

We have few rules. Just keep it civil. While we are basically family friendly here, we cover controversial topics that may not be appropriate for children, and there may be some “strong language” in the comments. Use your best judgment. Your first comment will be moderated, to prevent spammers from taking over. After that, we rely on your common sense.

We apply critical thinking to all things. Question everything, especially that which is difficult to discuss calmly and rationally. Our mission is to seek and share truth. To that end, you are invited to challenge anything you see here that seems wrong to you. No post will be blocked for containing controversial content. We expect that readers may disagree with the post and each other. That’s fine; a loyal following of true believers is not as interesting as a rabble of freethinkers. Here is Chiefy’s take on it:

In these pages, I offer my opinions and the occasional bit of wisdom I have acquired in my struggles. Sometimes I offer advice, particularly in responding to comments. What I say is never intended to be understood as psychological or spiritual counseling, much less therapy. I may make recommendations for your consideration. If I say something that helps you understand our world better, great! Whether you believe me to be wise or not is rather beside the point; even a fool may say something profound, once in a while.

It may seem, at times, that I am ridiculing religion. That is not my intent. There are already enough sources for that kind of criticism, sites that ridicule religion more richly than I could. That being said, I often do find it necessary to talk about issues that involve religious belief. And, since it is difficult to say anything about religion without someone being offended, people will get offended.

believing without evidence
Jesus and Mo

Yet it is necessary that I talk about it, because religious faith—believing in things without evidence—is a vice that is at the root of many other problems in our society. It pits faith communities against rational science, medicine, education, productive politics, and international diplomacy.

So this is the basis of my writing, to be provocative more than polite, to discuss taboo topics, to ask embarrassing questions and look for answers. That’s how we learn as individuals, and how we make progress as a society.

All the words here, including entire posts, may be reprinted under the standard Creative Commons license. Mention the source and provide a link back to the post, and you are good to go.

 Mission Statement

The mission of Cafe Nexo is to promote human rights by seeking and sharing universal truths. We believe in the right of all people to life and liberty, from birth until death. We encourage the kind of grassroots diplomacy and cooperation that proceeds from interacting with individuals in other nations and cultures. In order to accomplish that, it is vital to have unrestricted access to information.

We express our solidarity with all human beings in their struggle to better their conditions. We do not support any particular religion or system of government; rather we recognize the right of all people to choose to organize in any way that benefits them.

May you live long, prosper, and keep learning.

Comic sources: xkcd and Jesus and Mo.


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  1. He humbled you, causing you to hunger and then feeding you with manna, which neither you nor your ancestors had known, to teach you that man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.

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