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Pirillo & Fitz

The latest from a few of our favorites:

Wonkette: a variety of edgy commentary

New Civil Rights Movement: news and opinion focused on issues that affect the LGBTQ community

Scholars and Rogues: a diverse band of political and social analysts, activists, jesters, and troublemakers

Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Peter Sinclair, a long time advocate of environmental awareness and energy alternatives

  • Turkey Will Not Teach Evolution
    As goes Turkey, so goes Texas? Placating the Taliban faction, Turkish authorities pull back from teaching science. More proof that science is to dictators like sunshine is to vampires. Great civilizations don’t have to stay great. Incredibly, there is a process in which humans back away from knowledge, toward ignorance, hatred, and superstition. I used […]
  • Bill Maher on Health Care, and the Solar Wall
    Filed under: Crock of the Week
  • Music Break: Bishop Bullwinkle – Hell to the No
    I’d go to this church for the music, and the food..Filed under: Crock of the Week
  • Stephen Fry, Trump, Denial, and Dunning-Kruger
    You’ll want to review this when Trump finally does shoot someone on 5th Avenue, and  Fox & Friends give a glowing recap.Filed under: Crock of the Week
  • Rick Perry Loses Cool on Warming
    Huh. I see the video above has gotten 125k views while I wasn’t looking. Climate blogger Collin Maessen and I interviewed Richard Muller in 2014 at the American Geophysical Union. Muller, a one-time darling of denierville, got funding from, among others, the Koch Brothers, to apply his skeptical eye to climate science and review all the […]
  • Coal Baron Sues Comic
    If you saw John Oliver’s satirical piece on the joys of coal and coal mining, (posted here) – that’s earned him a legal threat from the coal baron he made fun of. Coal barons don’t like being made fun of.   Filed under: Crock of the Week
  • Trump: Solar Powered Hate
    Trump announces magical wall will be solar powered. I’m told, that as communicators, we’re not supposed to make jokes about the stupidity of Trump voters, – because it makes them sad. But c’mon, people. Fox and Friends are on board, of course. President refers to the wall “..keeping drugs out..”. Really? It’s going to keep […]
  • So How Hot was it…?
    We’ll adapt. Just don’t plan on travel, don’t burn yourself with the cold water from your tap, and don’t walk your dog – you might kill it. Pacific Standard: What’s an extreme heat wave like in a place that’s accustomed to extreme heat? Here’s a snapshot of Monday: A Phoenix television station broadcast a live […]
  • 100 Percent Renewable: The Fight about Nuclear and Renewables
    One thing that history shows is a 100 percent renewable and limitless heat source – the fight between those who think we can go to an all-sun-wind-water powered world, and those who think you can’t go carbon-free without nuclear energy. Hostilities have broken out again. Washington Post: Scientists are engaged in an increasingly bitter and […]
  • Music Break: Moby – In This Cold Place
    This is interesting. Alternet:: Electronic artist Moby’s new animated music video sends a clear message about his feelings on capitalism, greed, and President Donald Trump — and the latter’s supporters aren’t having it. Once Trump supporters caught wind of Moby & The Void Pacific Choir’s “In This Cold Place” video, they began drawing their own conclusion […]

The Friendly Atheist: Hemant Mehta, friendly and skeptical

Title image: Evolution of Religion, by Simon E. Davies.

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