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The latest from a few of our favorites:

Wonkette: a variety of edgy commentary

New Civil Rights Movement: news and opinion focused on issues that affect the LGBTQ community

Scholars and Rogues: a diverse band of political and social analysts, activists, jesters, and troublemakers

Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Peter Sinclair, a long time advocate of environmental awareness and energy alternatives

  • Climategate/Russiagate: More Parallels
    I’ve been shouting to anyone that will listen about the parallels between 2009’s “Climategate” and the hacking of emails in the 2016 election.  I brought it up in a call to national NPR show 2 days after the election. Still stand by it – and it’s worth another listen. It seems clear to me, and […]
  • Reposting: Why Has the GOP Become the Party of Ignorance, Anti-science, Denial, and Hatred? This Audio is Essential Listening.
    This might seem off-topic, but it’s really not, because it gets to the roots of the cultural division we have in the US, a division that wasn’t created by the Republican party, but which, since the 1960s, has been consciously targeted, amplified, and exploited for electoral gain. (strong caution: frequent use of the N word) […]
  • Finally, Some Good News. Bug Burgers Coming.
    But are they gluten free? Bloomberg: Swiss shoppers will soon get the chance to buy burger patties and meatballs made out of beetle larvae as supermarket chain Coop tests consumers’ appetite for less-common alternatives to beef and pork. The mealworm burger patties, which also contain rice, carrots and spices such as oregano and chili, will […]
  • Right Wing Site Published Video Advising Cars as Murder Weapons
    Video has been replaced with the above. Daily Caller, yes, they’re Climate Deniers. YouTube says the video now violates the policy on harmful or dangerous content. It feels better now that we all know who’s who, doesn’t it? In case there was anything unclear, Fox News reposted the vid with an explanation. FoxNation: Here’s a […]
  • Vice News on Charlottesville
    Vice News, in a break from procedure, made footage of white supremacist/climate deniers marching in Charlottesville available to non-HBO subscribers. One nice thing about the Age of Trump, the masks are coming off. Money quote: “You ain’t seen nuthin yet.” Filed under: Crock of the Week
  • Dress Rehearsal for a Drowned Miami
    Mother Nature staged a brief but dramatic promotional event in Miami for my upcoming book, The Water Will Come. — Jeff Goodell (@jeffgoodell) August 3, 2017 While I was in Miami producing a video with Rolling Stone’s Jeff Goodell, (see above and below) I got caught in a tropical downpour only slightly less intense […]
  • If Trump Admin were Concerned about Racism, they would Drop this USDA Nomination
    Post-Charlottesville, the Trump administration has protested that they have never supported racism or racist beliefs.   The President’s own history of pushing Birther conspiracy theories belies that, of course – but it might help if they dropped their latest nomination for a US Dept. of Agriculture Science post – a “Chief Scientist” who is not […]
  • Music Break: Kinky Friedman – They Ain’t Makin’ Jews Like Jesus Anymore
    Don’t laugh, this guy could have been Governor of Texas. Well, Ok, do laugh. I learned this one back in the day when I used to play open-mic at the local Holiday Inn.  Seemed appropriate for current events. Non-PC language warning.Filed under: Crock of the Week
  • Guardian: Yale Climate Connections a Beacon
    I’ll toot my horn, and that of my colleagues at Yale Climate Connections – nice profile in the Guardian this week. John Abraham in the Guardian: This is an unabashed endorsement of an important group. I have no affiliation with them or conflict of interest. They are great, period. The ability to convey complex climate […]
  • Reposting: First They Came for the Climate Scientists
    Fake News and the “Alt Right” is nothing new to Climate Scientists. See this 2010 item from ABC News – the same folks celebrating the elevation of Donald Trump and Richard Bannon to the White House have been threatening scientists for most of a decade. Filed under: Crock of the Week

The Friendly Atheist: Hemant Mehta, friendly and skeptical

Title image: Evolution of Religion, by Simon E. Davies.

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