Cafe Nexo

Welcome to the Café!

This is a meeting place for friendly people with rational minds, a forum for promoting our common humanity, a platform for fighting ignorance and bigotry. Evil thrives in darkness. The best way to increase the light of knowledge is by examining the data, thinking clearly, and working together to discover and defend the truth.

The earth is a good place to live, not perfect, but quite serviceable. It is, after all, the best planet in the neighborhood. Yet it could be so much better. We can’t prevent natural disasters, but we could be smarter about where we build our houses and how we grow our food. Imagine what a paradise we could create on earth if we would divert resources from warfare and put them toward improving medical care and food delivery, if we prioritized mental health and education instead of corporate profits.

The food and drink we offer at the Café are of the intellectual and spiritual kind, no calories, no cholesterol, but a lot of flavor. We don’t, in fact, have a kitchen. What we actually do is encourage simple respect for human beings and appreciation of their differences.

It is tragic that so many different kinds of bigotry still persist in our supposedly modern society. Our fellow human beings are categorized and subjugated according to skin color, ethnicity, religious faith, sexual orientation, economic status, intelligence, physical ability and appearance, mental health, age, and gender. And, yes, slavery still exists on this Earth.

We welcome your opinions. Please comment on any blog post, or at our Facebook or Twitter accounts.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.
They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act
towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Title image is a mural titled “Knowledge Breaks Down Barriers
Created by Ignorance,” painted by Raul Gonzalez. Full image here.

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