All Nations – Real History

Welcome to the All Nations Room

(ethnos, nation)

A nation is a community
of people who share a
regional identity
and a common history,
who support and defend
one another.

This is a gathering place for those of us who enjoy experiencing different cultures, and those of us who like communicating with people who have different opinions. Make yourself comfortable. We strive for an atmosphere of acceptance and cooperation. Sometimes it may get a little raucous. We give people a lot of latitude, as long as they can be more or less civil. It’s a microcosm of the world; we get all kinds of characters, and we love what they contribute to our mix. However you identify yourself, you are welcome here. You can be assured that we will treat you with fairness and equality.

Gloriosa Victoria“Gloriosa Victoria,” by Diego Rivera, depicts the 1954 U.S. government engineered coup d’état against the elected government of Guatemala. See more at Art for a Change.

The Native American Holocaust

History is written by the victors.

What would the world look like if the Europeans had not conquered the Americas, but interacted with the natives as if they were equals, with respect for the culture of each tribe? Alternatively, what if the Europeans had been decimated by diseases introduced by the inhabitants of the “New World,” instead of the reverse?

Through a combination of ill fortune and viciousness, the original population of the First Nations of the Americas was nearly obliterated. In the turmoil of that destruction were born the nations of the New World. This was hardly the first such destructive episode in human history; it is an old pattern, often repeated.

It is, perhaps, natural for human beings to reinterpret history, to cover up shameful events and pridefully exaggerate our accomplishments. It is important for us to uncover the truth of what happened. If we don’t know our history, we cannot learn from it. If what we think we know is incorrect, we will continue to perform poorly.

While we cannot undo what has been done, we can research the fragments of evidence that remain and begin to correct historical accounts that have been falsely recorded. Let’s see what we can do to pass on the truth, and try to learn from our disturbing, yet fascinating past.

From The Declaration of Independence:

These truths are self-evident, that all humans are created equal, that they have by nature certain unalienable rights, among them the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Throughout the world, political leaders and bands of zealots seem more concerned with short-term gains of power and land than they are with basic human rights. If we destroy each other, we destroy the world, our only home. If we can tolerate our differences and see the big picture, we can work together to make the world a better place. Let’s do that.

Title image is a mural at Lord Roberts Elementary, by Richard Tetrault.

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