More Rearrangement

This is just a note to let my readers know what is going on. As I continue to reorganize the Café, I am moving anything related to religion, mythology and the like to the Real World Blog with its associated exploration of living free without faith. You can now find the Spacetime, Mother Earth, and... Continue Reading →


Changing, Rearranging

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and... Continue Reading →

Set Apart

Sacred* (adjective): 5 b: highly valued and important 5 a:  unassailable, inviolable 4 archaic:  accursed 3:  of or relating to religion 2 b: entitled to reverence and respect 2 a:  worthy of religious veneration,  holy 1 b: devoted exclusively to one service or use 1 a:  dedicated or set apart for the service or worship... Continue Reading →

Meta Writing

Meta writing is writing about writing, so this sentence is meta meta writing. The rest of this article will not be writing about writing about writing, just writing about writing. If your brain doesn't hurt, you may continue reading. They say that if you can do anything other than write, then don't write; to be... Continue Reading →

Mocking Religion

What is the difference between criticizing religious ideas and mocking religion? It is not possible for an atheist to mock God, or for anyone to insult a religion. To an atheist, "God" is only a concept held by followers of a particular religion. It is certainly possible to mock a concept, but it is not possible to... Continue Reading →

The New Era

Returning the U.S. to Democracy and Prosperity This new book claims to offer "remedies to restore democracy, improve economic equality, galvanize community and enable Americans to reclaim their constitutional political power." It's a big undertaking, but Hamdy El-Rayes has credentials. He grew up under the reign of Abdul Nasser in Egypt, and after moving to North America,... Continue Reading →

A Small Disaster

I am feeling blue, because the website crashed. All the updates of the last five months have disappeared. It is relatively small problem for me, but I feel the need to apologize to those who have commented on my recent posts. I will try to restore the posts, but I don't think I can recover those... Continue Reading →

The Re-Move

[To any subscribers who have signed up here, please got to Chiefy's Word at my new site, and subscribe there. I will no longer be posting here. Much appreciated!] Update! As of March, 2017, I have restored this site, and will be keeping it updated. I will likely phase out the other site at... Continue Reading →

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