Crooked Trump Steals the Show

I am peeved that I have to address this matter again. I had so hoped that crooked Trump—excuse me, President-elect Donald J. crooked Trump—would by now be relegated to the status of an embarrassing piece of history. Nope. He won, not by an Electoral landslide, as said Reinhold "Reince" Priebus, but by a technicality. He... Continue Reading →

Trump is Not a Flawed Candidate

Contrary to what you may have heard, Donald Trump is not a flawed candidate for president of the United States of America. All the others who are or have been in the race are flawed candidates, to one degree or another, but Trump is not. Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying he's a good... Continue Reading →

Liberal Climate Change Outlook

How are liberal climate change policies determined? Why are conservatives so often opposed to action to deal with climate change? There is a particular explanation of the two points of view that I keep running across. I generally see pieces of it expressed, but here is my summary of the entire argument: Liberals either invented... Continue Reading →

Ark Encounter

If you have been following the adventures of the Ark Encounter, you know that it is a profit-making venture of Answers in Genesis (AIG), organized to build and operate a construction (I can't bring myself to say "reconstruction") of what Noah's ark is supposed to have been like, according to the account in the Old... Continue Reading →

The New Era

Returning the U.S. to Democracy and Prosperity This new book claims to offer "remedies to restore democracy, improve economic equality, galvanize community and enable Americans to reclaim their constitutional political power." It's a big undertaking, but Hamdy El-Rayes has credentials. He grew up under the reign of Abdul Nasser in Egypt, and after moving to North America,... Continue Reading →

Bush is Back

I find it odd that the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum is slated to officially open on the tenth anniversary of the "Mission Accomplished" speech. Really. I don't know why the Bush team chose this date. It can't be coincidental. It's not just any old anniversary, it's the tenth anniversary, so I assume they... Continue Reading →

Nuclear Times

It has been many years since I was taught how to duck under my school desk at the first sign of a nuclear explosion. I imagined it would be like an enormous camera flash coming into the schoolhouse, etching the silhouette of the windows on the far wall. I wondered how the teacher would escape the falling... Continue Reading →

WWE vs Tea Party

Full disclosure: I am not a big WWE fan. I learned how to actually wrestle in high school gym class, and what we learned is not what is done in "professional wrestling." If you are not familiar with the genre, South Park (mature content) has a pretty good description of what it is. Personally, I... Continue Reading →

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