Immeasurable Heaven

I don't normally comment on anything written by young Earth creationists. I have learned from experience that there is no arguing with them; their position is rock solid and will not be moved. It has to be so, because their arguments are so weak that if they actually considered alternatives they would be easily swayed.... Continue Reading →


Life Begins at Consciousness

I once said that the issue of consciousness does not determine at what point a developing human being becomes a person, at what point life begins. I think I was wrong about that. Perhaps that is exactly the criterion we should use to determine "personhood." When Life Begins Is it ever acceptable to abort a... Continue Reading →

Skin Turnover (Thank Science)

When I saw this Pickles cartoon about how much skin turnover we experience each year, I had to investigate. Forty pounds of dead skin cells just didn't sound right. Nothing against the cartoon strip, it's hilarious. I simply insist on accuracy. Maybe I'm a little OCD. Anyway, it turns out I was right about the... Continue Reading →

Religion versus Science

In the controversy on whether religion and science are compatible, it's easy: Science is about real stuff and things that actually happen. Religion is about other stuff. No conflict at all. Religion versus science, pfffft! Next problem. Source for image: Think Atheist.

The Creative God

I have a concept of god that makes sense to me. It’s probably not compatible your concept, but that's fine, we don't have to agree. Generally, at least in the Abrahamic religions, God is thought of as the creator of all things, the creator of space-time and the spiritual realm, the creator and father of... Continue Reading →

Nuclear Times

It has been many years since I was taught how to duck under my school desk at the first sign of a nuclear explosion. I imagined it would be like an enormous camera flash coming into the schoolhouse, etching the silhouette of the windows on the far wall. I wondered how the teacher would escape the falling... Continue Reading →

The Next Level

According to the Kardashev Scale of technological advancement (not to be confused with Douglas Adams's three stages of civilization), on a scale of I through III, we are at 0.7. The Kardashev Scale is a measure of the level of civilization based on energy usage. The assumption is that more advanced civilizations will be able to tap ever greater... Continue Reading →

The Mind

"I" did this. I think I have me figured out. And believe me, I'm not as simple as I look. What had me confused was my definition of "I" and "me." That is, I thought of myself as some kind of spiritual operator independent of the body, i.e., the "mind" or the "spirit." Accordingly, "I,"... Continue Reading →

There’s Your Problem – Part Two

I am not anti-faith. If you have a religious faith, I am sure that I don't share it, but if it helps you live better in any way, good for you.  Although I try to avoid fruitless discussions of things that can't be seen or measured, I don't deny that the kinds of things traditionally... Continue Reading →

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