Everyone Should Get Their Own Bathroom

Is that the solution to the pressing problem of transsexuals using public bathrooms? Perhaps first we should ask whether there is a problem. Many of the "religious freedom" bills being pushed through in several states address this very issue, whether needed or not. Mississippi's HB 1523 does indeed preserve the right of religious organizations and... Continue Reading →


Marriage Equality at Last

Just a note to express how happy I am that the Supreme Court (in a five-four decision) made the right choice. Anyone of legal age will be able to marry who they choose, regardless of gender, in all fifty states. The reasons same-sex marriage is opposed are religious in nature, so should not be a... Continue Reading →

Banning Gay Conversion Therapy

My counseling degree does not qualify me for clinical practice, but my studies did give me some insight on what would characterize good counseling practice. Gay conversion psychotherapy, also known as "reparative therapy" or “sexual reorientation therapy,” qualifies as quackery. The American Psychological Association shares my opinion on that, and California moved last year to make the practice... Continue Reading →

Gay Marriage is Not Right (It’s Fabulous)

Of course homosexuality is a crime against nature! After all, it never occurs among wild animals. It certainly doesn't happen in every human culture. It isn't even physically possible for two humans of the same sex to have sexual intercourse. How can they have any kind of relationship without sexual intercourse? It's ridiculous! Barber & Staver... Continue Reading →

Boy Scouts Considering Change

If the Boy Scouts of America drop their ban on gays, it may ameliorate a confrontation with Pack 442 in Maryland, and other groups that have taken a stand against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. It would be a major step into the 21st century. They will apparently leave it up to the local... Continue Reading →

The Homosexualist Debate

I got into a discussion with a Facebook friend that I would like to open up for discussion. I have included our whole conversation, minus a few comments on blog formats. Posted on Sunday, April 29, 2012 by Tom Usher I received a Facebook comment from a Facebook friend of mine. Since he said that... Continue Reading →

Gay Rights from a Christian Perspective

Full disclosure: I consider myself a Christian in that I follow Jesus of Nazareth. I understand that this definition doesn't work for a lot of people, but that's where I stand. My view on LGBT issues like same-sex marriage is that, if something doesn't harm others or society at large, it shouldn't be illegal. I... Continue Reading →

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