Arctic Ice Update 2016

This is my fourth annual Arctic ice update. Once in a while, we pass a new milestone in our race to destroy our environment. The year 2012 was such a time, when the Arctic sea ice reached a record low extent. This year, things are getting a little crazy, probably due to the influence of... Continue Reading →


Arctic Ice Update 2015

There are three ways to keep track of the amount of sea ice in the Arctic: extent, area, and volume. Volume gives you the most useful information, in terms of how much ice is left and how fast it is diminishing, but it is also the hardest to measure accurately. To get an idea of... Continue Reading →

Climate Change Meta Writing

It's time for a little more writing about what I write. Since my motto is "all the things your mother told you not to talk about," you may legitimately wonder why I often write about climate change, aka global warming. As my motto implies, I focus primarily on topics that are too controversial for polite... Continue Reading →

Global Warming and a General Lack of Panic

I suppose it to be a recurring pattern. Whenever we have a spell of unusual cold in Minnesota, the Arctic experiences warmer than usual weather. It could be related to global warming, a weakening of the polar jet stream allowing warmer air to migrate further north over Alaska while frigid Arctic air hits south into... Continue Reading →

Global Warming Alarmist

Though I have been called an "alarmist", I am not. I am more of a Pollyanna; I tend to be overly optimistic about coming events. I am usually the one to say, "It'll be fine; don't worry." Yet in the case of climate change, I am concerned that we are behaving badly, and it is generating... Continue Reading →

Global Warming Deniers Want Big Government

Really? Very odd, but it does seem that way. Global warming deniers—those who claim to know more about climate science than climate scientists do—make a lot of noise about the threat of big government. If they go so far as to admit the climate is changing,  they assert that the only way to deal with it... Continue Reading →

Sunspots and Climate Change

Originally published September 2013. Has solar output been causing global warming, and not human carbon dioxide emissions? Sunspot numbers in 2013 have been well below average for this point in the cycle. If we are now heading into a grand minimum of solar activity, will that reverse the changes in climate we have been experiencing... Continue Reading →

A Passion for Truth

A while ago, a friend of mine said in passing that climate change is my passion. That's true, as far as it goes, but something about it got me thinking. While I am concerned about how we are changing the climate, my real passion is for the truth, and the global warming "controversy" is an... Continue Reading →

There’s Your Problem – Part Two

I am not anti-faith. If you have a religious faith, I am sure that I don't share it, but if it helps you live better in any way, good for you.  Although I try to avoid fruitless discussions of things that can't be seen or measured, I don't deny that the kinds of things traditionally... Continue Reading →

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