What if You’re Wrong?

I have been asked, "What if you're wrong? What if God exists and you are indeed bound for hell because you don't believe? You are risking an eternity of punishment and the loss of infinite reward, simply for refusing to have faith." There are a great many flaws in that argument, but more on that... Continue Reading →


Immeasurable Heaven

I don't normally comment on anything written by young Earth creationists. I have learned from experience that there is no arguing with them; their position is rock solid and will not be moved. It has to be so, because their arguments are so weak that if they actually considered alternatives they would be easily swayed.... Continue Reading →

Enjoy the Magic Show

I've been told that I should just shut up and go away. Well, not in quite such blunt terms, but that how I understand the reaction I sometimes get to my well-intentioned words of wisdom, especially in religious settings. I’m as welcome in a Christian Bible study as a skeptic at a magic show. You... Continue Reading →

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