Rushing America into War

We are in the midst of an investigation of Russia's apparent meddling in America's electoral process. Do we need a war to distract us?


Bush is Back

I find it odd that the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum is slated to officially open on the tenth anniversary of the "Mission Accomplished" speech. Really. I don't know why the Bush team chose this date. It can't be coincidental. It's not just any old anniversary, it's the tenth anniversary, so I assume they... Continue Reading →

Nuclear Times

It has been many years since I was taught how to duck under my school desk at the first sign of a nuclear explosion. I imagined it would be like an enormous camera flash coming into the schoolhouse, etching the silhouette of the windows on the far wall. I wondered how the teacher would escape the falling... Continue Reading →

Rewriting the History of the Iraq War

There are members of Congress, such as John McCain, who would like us to remember the last decade differently. They would like us to remember the Iraq war as a success. Before a whitewash covers the reality of what happened, we should take a moment to review the facts of the origin and outcome of... Continue Reading →

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